Spineboards & Straps


A complete immobilisation package. Consists of 1 x Hi-Tech Spineboard with Pins (white) 1 x Hi-Vis Head Immobiliser (orange) 3 x BioThane Speed Clip Straps (orange)


A 72" x 18" plastic spine board with moulded speed clip pins - available in various colours (blue, red, orange, yellow)


A full length easy-clean backboard developed to offer full immobilisation to patients with suspected spinal injuries. Supplied with four quick-clip patient restraints to ensure total safety


The original and still the best! The Spider Strap is unmatched for ease of use and effective immobilisation. You can quickly and securely strap your patient to a backboard or stretcher in seconds, time after time.

We also offer a wide range of other items to the rescue, defence, marine & offshore industries including:

  • Stretcher carry bags
  • Full Body Vacuum Mattress
  • Pumps for Body Vacuum Mattress
  • Vacuum Splints (various)
  • Inflatable Splints
  • Thomas Splints
  • Wooden Common Splints
  • Liston Thigh Splints
  • Sets of Spineboard Straps
  • Sets of Spider Straps
  • Sets of Fracture Splints
  • Stretcher Carrying Sheets
  • Stretcher Canvas
  • Lifeboat First Aid Kits
  • Ice Bags
  • Hot Water Bottles
  • Patient Restraint Systems
  • Strait Jackets
  • Body Bags (Various)
  • Neck Collars (Various Types)

For further details get in touch.

tel: 0191 455 3984

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